Conference Schedule
Sunday 22nd September
Day Registrations

10.00 – 11.30
Workshop – António Gonzalez – “On the way to Peace”

12.00 – 13.30
Closing Ceremony “Expressive Arts on the Road to Peace”

Conference Ends

15.00 – “Wonders of Portugal” Excursion departs from HF Fénix Lisboa


Dynamic Theatre was created to make a difference in the way we understand the world. As we celebrate 10 years of this fantastic technique, we decided to bring together experts from different fields of creative and expressive arts for a rich experience of the many techniques and perspectives that we can use to create a brighter future that honours our past and makes our present exciting. We want to contribute for a better world and we are inviting you to be part of it. A world of understanding, a world of peace.

Our conference is inspired by World Peace Day, on the 21st September, our workshops and activities will be linked with this theme and other events around the World. We are very honoured to present that our conference will host the Portuguese Premiere of “Road to Peace”, a documentary film with the Dalai Lama and his teachings.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world,
Until we make peace with ourselves”
Dalai Lama

If the world needs peace, what does peace need?
When we seek for something, there is usually that same something seeking us. If we want to feel more at peace with ourselves, with our family, with our communities and with the whole world, what do we need to understand differently from what we already know?

Who do we need to become to be at Peace?
​In creative expressive arts we understand that change starts, and comes from the inside out and from the roots up. Carl Jung said that within every person the whole world resides, if through our work and daily practices we learn, and in turn inspire others, to hold the tension of inner opposites, we have the chance to become the peace that we outwardly seek. Creativity and Expressive Arts are answers to find the road to a more peaceful world.

Conference Presenters & Workshops

Dynamic Harmony in Business – Workshop A,  Saturday 21st 15.00 


Catherine Barnard

I have a passion for the development and release of human potential and have been training and working in this field for many years. As a personal and professional developer I work in the private, public and voluntary sectors. I am privileged to have worked with employees and company directors from different countries and cultures. In addition to executive development, coaching and supervision, I run bespoke organisational development workshops focusing mainly on leadership, change, creativity and relationship management.


Developing the whole person lies at the heart of all the work I do.  Working collaboratively with organisations, groups and individuals, the participant remains at the centre of their own learning.  I have an open, gentle yet challenging and focused approach, encouraging individuals to address that which might be holding them back or getting in the way. 


Psychodrama on the road to peace – Friday 20th  10.30


Marcia Karp

Trainer, Educator and Practitioner of Psychodrama (T.E.P.) Diploma awarded by The American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.

Registered: United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists (U.K.C.P.)

She has a Directorship Certificate from the Beacon Academy, Beacon New York, Trainers, J.L. and Zerka Moreno.

She is the recipient of the J. L. Moreno Lifetime Achievement Award of the ASGPP and Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the BPA.

She works for the East London National Health Service with Personality Disorder and Borderline individuals.

Marcia has a private practice in Brentford, West London where she sees individuals and groups for psychotherapy. and supervision.

She travels the world training people and groups in Psychodrama. Marcia is currently involved with ongoing training programs in Moscow, Kiev, Geneva, Athens and Spain.

Classical Psychodramatist

Per Henriksson


Dynamic Theatre / Psychodrama


Donna Savery


Myths / Archetypes / Drama


Inara Erdmanis


Family Reconstruction / Psychodrama


António Gonzalez


Expressive Arts/Psychodrama


Leon Stuparich


Director / Producer  Road to Peace

“In every nation there is work to be done,
In every community there are wounds to heal,
And in every heart there is the power to do it”
Marianne Williamson



“Peace in the family”  Workshop A  Friday 20th  15.30

When two persons meet and become family, each takes with them many persons from different generations. We actually meet in a “Ghost Analysis”.


To understand why we react in a certain way one has to understand ones family background. We carry on patterns from generation to generation. To become aware of these patterns and to get rid of, adapt them or accept them – Family Reconstruction is beneficial.


We have all been children and belonged to a particular family.


Seek out information about your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Find out important places of birth, date of death/reason and main occupation, illnesses, and characteristics.


During this workshop we will, with the help of group warm-ups/action, Psychodrama, and Family Reconstruction, investigate how our family of origin comes along with us and influences our actions and beliefs today.!


This is a way to get peace in mind – peace in the family – peace between families. A road to peace!


Inara Erdmanis:

Clinical Psychologist/certified Psychotherapist.

Born in Riga and lives in Stockholm, Sweden since the Second World War

Educating in Psychodrama in  Latvia since 1989.

Certified by Zerka Moreno and TEP by Nordic Board of Examiners.

Founder and President of the Latvian Moreno Institute and co-founder of the Stockholm Institut for Psychodrama, Sociometri and Gruppsykoterapi. Supervisor for Pife (European Psychodrama Institute).

Family therapy education mainly from Virgina Satir (the mother to Family reconstruction), Kempler, Gammer, Kirschenbaum.


Peace in Action – Saturday 21st – 10am



Mark Wentworth and Filipe De Moura are considered cutting edge pioneers of creative expressive arts. Together they have a work experience of 36 years, which spans the globe, giving them a leading role in enabling people to release their greatest potential. By bringing together an eclectic blend of personal development strategies and then combining them with expressive arts and transpersonal psychology they created Colour Psycho-Dynamics and Dynamic Theatre, both action and drama based tools for personal and business development.


Dynamic Theatre (DT) is an “action-method”, created by Mark and Filipe in 2003, of spontaneous representation inspired by the ancient and traditional use of theatre, drama and storytelling, as well as the outstanding life work of Jacob L. Moreno. 


In 2008 as a continuation of their work, Mark and Filipe created the Dynamic Heart Project which is a not for profit association and aims to take colour, Dynamic Theatre and other creative expressive arts out into the world, especially to parts of the world where such techniques are not available. In 2010 they went with two friends to Nepal helping children re-build confidence and self esteem through colour, drama and storytelling, the children they helped had been orphaned or caught up in the civil war. In 2011 Mark and Filipe worked in Bangladesh again with colour, drama and storytelling, this time helping children, parents and a whole village start the healing process after losing 45 children in a tragic bus accident. The Dynamic Heart Project continues to grow.

Reflections in the pool – Workshop B Friday 20th 15.30


Reflections in the pool is a workshop to explore how the myth of Echo and Narcissus plays out in your personal relationships. If we want to find peace in our love lives we must let out through expressive arts the spirit of the longing of Echo and Narcissus.


Donna Savery works as a creative and existential therapist in both individual therapy and as a group facilitator. She draws upon her background as a theatre director and lecturer in the arts, to engage with deep issues which may not always be available to her clients’ consciousness, in an attempt to bring about greater self-awareness and positive change.


She is an active researcher and has just published a chapter in a Palgrave publication on working with myth in therapy.  Donna is currently running a creative therapy group, working in private practice in Windsor and Harley Street, London, and writing a book on working with Echo and  Narcissus as archetypes in therapy. She also volunteers for a mental health charity as a counsellor one day a week. 

Uniting Opposites, the middle road – Workshop B Saturday 21st 15.00


Finding common ground and a middle road in times of conflict can sometimes be a difficult path to follow. In this workshop Per will demonstrate and use a combination of Psychodrama and Dynamic Theatre to show how it is possible to unite and hold the tension of opposites. As Jung theorised when we hold the tension of opposites we have the opportunity to create a sacred alchemy. 


Per Henriksson combines Dynamic Theatre and Psychodrama in his private practice and group workshops. Per is one of the first Dynamic Theatre practitioners and has contributed his own style of spontaneous theatre and improvisation to the ever growing body of experience and knowledge within Dynamic Theatre. 

On the way to peace – Sunday 22nd 10.00


Antònio Gonzalez has taught at ISPA University in Lisbon since 1994, he teaches history of psychology, theoretical models of psychology of drama and theatre, including teaching theory and practice of psychodrama. António also coordinates and supervises reasearch programmes connected with the links between psychology and expressive arts, specifically focusing on theatre and psychodrama.

He also directs the post graduate course in Expressive Arts Therapy and Human Development. 

Road to Peace – Saturday 21st – 20.00


Leon Stuparich

Indie Documentary Maker and Film Editor, working with UK Television including Channel 4, BBC, ITV.


Director/Producer of Dalai Lama documentary: Road to Peace.


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