Sema, Poetry in Motion, Music, and Dances of the Silk Road Retreat

Join us for this amazing spiritual journey to the land of Sufism and Mysticism and let your soul be awakened. Breathe the authentic and spiritual life style of sacred dance and music in a spiritual land. We will be celebrating two special occasion, “Shabi Arus” celebration of the Soul after Death, and “Shabe Yalda” The Persian Winter Solstice Night!

A 5 day Sacred Dance Retreat in Konya, Turkey with Meditation, Live Music (Daf workshop by amazing Amier Etemadzadeh), Poetry, Lectures, Zikr (Prayer), Sema (Sufi Whirling), Silk Road Dance Workshops, Poetry in Motion Workshops, and Sightseeing to various Sacred and Sufi sites.

We will experience the unique ceremony of “Shabi Arus,” and visit various sacred sites including the resting place of Mevlana and learn the Sufi culture. We will experience the mystic active meditation of Sufis, which is called Sema (Whirling) and learn the meaning and the movement of the Sema culture.

Our retreat and workshop will be at the beautiful, Sufi/Dervish House “House of Dervish Brothers” in the beautiful city of Konya across from the Mevlana Mausoleum. The retreat is open to all and no dance experience is needed just come with an open heart and willingness to learn, explore, and share!

Please note, a special classical and sacred Music and Dance is also scheduled for this event. Performances by Amir Etemadzadeh and group and Farima Berenji (Dance). Concert is free for all retreat attendees.

Cost: $600 early registration paid by September 15, 2013 (workshop tuition, meals (Breakfast and Dinner only), all Gatherings, Sightseeing, and Accommodation). Price after September 15 will be $700, however we will not grantee space in the Spiritual Center after this date. This is an important week and many pilgrimage will be taking place and rooms will sell out fast.

Payment: Payment can be made by Check or Traveler’s Check. Full payment must be made to secure reservation. Space is limited. Again, please note that after the deadline we will not guarantee a accommodation in the Spiritual Center. (Full refund will be given if the event is canceled).

***These rates do not include airfare, visa (must be obtain at the airport in Turkey). And Shuttle from Airport to the Center.

Arrivals: Depending on your departure destination, you might be able to have a direct flight to Konya, otherwise, please fly to Ankara Airport and from there you can take a speed train to Konya. There are shuttles to and from Konya airport to the center.

Please plan to arrive between noon-2 pm on December 19 and reserve your departure date for December 23. If you arrive or plan on arriving early please plan your own accommodation. We can help or guide you to find a reasonably priced hotel.

You do not have to attend the full tour/retreat to take the workshops. For those interested in joining the workshops only, can contact us and sign-up for individual workshops.

Farima will be teaching a workshop in Ankara after the end of the 5 day retreat. If you are staying longer or are interested visiting Ankara and taking more workshops please let us know and we can arrange accommodation and a tour for you.

More info. Please contact:
USA: info@farimadance.com
Turkey: mavirecete@gmail.com
Dervish Brothers Center
Mevlana Alani Mimar Sinan Sokak No 6/A, 42030 Konya, Turkey


“Shabi Arus” Ceremony is the most famous Sufi Mevlana Ceremonies with Sema (whirling dervishes), Sufi rituals, Sufi music, and seminars it is the Solar anniversary of the death of Jalâluddîn Rûmî, who died in 1273. The observance of the anniversary of a Sufi saint is called “Arus,” which means “wedding,” because the saint is believed to have attained “union” (or utmost nearness) with God, the Only Beloved.
Many Sufi gatherings of various kinds will be mentioning the name of this saint on this night, praying that the blessings of God be upon his soul, and celebrating his “Wedding Night” by the “Whirling Prayer Ceremony” (Sema), recitation of poetry, and Zikr (Sufi prayer chanting).

“Shabe Yalda” or “Birth of Light” is the celebration of “Birth of Mithra,” the Persian Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year. Depending on the shift of the calendar, Yalda is celebrated on or around December 20 or 21 each year.
In ancient times yalda was symbolized as the triumph of the Sun over the powers of darkness. The night is celebrated by music, poetry recitation of Hafez, prayer, chanting, and sharing of food until the rising of the Sun.


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